The Baker - Bird Winery®

The Baker - Bird Winery® is the most historic winery in America!

The Baker-Bird Winery® offers guests international awarding winning wines in a unforgettable winery. 

The Baker -Bird Winery® is the:

  • Oldest commercial winery in America that still has its original vineyard land
  • One of the only vineyards that has survived a Civil War battle
  • One of 22 wineries on the National Register of Historic Places out of over 10,000 wineries in America
  • Only vineyard land in America on its own National Register of Historic Places because it serves the link between Thomas Jefferson planting grapes in 1800 in Virginia and Napa Valley did not happen until 1860
  • Oldest, largest wine cellar in America
  • Home of bourbon barrel aged red and white wines
  • On the B-Line Bourbon Trail, Back Roads Wine Trail, Ohio River Valley Wine Trail and Alcohol Alley

Named for three years "Kentucky Winery of the Year" by the New York International Wine competition.

Historic Winery with Legendary Wines:

  • The Baker-Bird Winery® is located 7 miles from Hawk Wood Hall in charming Augusta, Kentucky, which is a beautiful village on the banks of the Ohio River dating back to 1797.
  • Wines available include Kentucky's finest bourbon barrel aged wines.
  • Tasting and historic 1850's wine making tours are available.
  • Facilities for birthdays, weddings and corporate events are available.
  • Open every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 PM.
  • Telephone number is (859) 620-4965 or during hours of operation (606) 756-3736.
  • Do not use GPS.

Visit and taste the "Thoroughbred of Wines®!"

The Baker - Bird Winery® is the most historic winery in America!

Keep in mind all proceeds from the sale of wine goes to restore this historic landmark as well as help support Kentucky farm families.